Do you have a big trip for your family on your bucket list? Planning can be half the fun or half the stress depending on your comfort level with planning and inclination to sweat the details. The key to any successful trip, or venture, is adequate advanced planning. Whether you’re returning to your favorite beach, heading out to visit friends or family or visiting our nation’s stunning national parks, family vacations are opportunities to build amazing memories that can last a lifetime. Follow these suggestions from the travel experts to help with planning an incredible trip.

Depending on the duration of your drive, or your final destination, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and check out the rates and locations of Motel 6 properties. They’re a great bargain and staffed with super friendly professionals. Another great option for accommodations that has become increasingly popular is the rental of private vacation homes. There are a myriad of reputable websites that have listings of private homes of nearly every size and in most vacation destinations around the country. Have your dates and room counts needs determined before you begin to identify properties. Pay special attention to the reviews from previous renters as they tend to be very honest about details and amenities of any given property.  Never send any deposits or down payments until you have connected directly with the owner. Unfortunately, no industry is immune to scammers and this includes the private vacation home rental industry. Confirm policies for check in and check out as well as what amenities are available in the home for the use of renters. Check out the location and street view of the property from mapping software to confirm the surroundings.

Finally, if you’re driving to your destination, be sure to have your car serviced. This includes checking tires for pressure and assuring all fluids and wiper blades have been replaced. Most often a break down can be avoided with proper preventive servicing. Plan to leave at such a time to avoid heavy congestion surrounding major metropolitan areas. Pack healthy snack and water for everyone to enjoy during the trip and make arrangements to stop, stretch and switch drivers at least every two hours. Have a grand time with your family on vacation!

Tips for Memorable Family Vacations
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